Career Center for Veterans


Here at Patriot Education LLC, our mission is to provide the best Online Educational Portal for Active Duty Military, Veterans, Spouses & Dependents and to provide the Nation’s largest platform for CV/Resume Development & finding/ listing jobs.

Our commitment demonstrates to maintain our success and our future through innovation: We are changing the way Veterans think about work, and we’re helping them actively improve their lives and their workforce performance with new technology, tools and practices

One of the most important decisions to make (upon civilian transition) is whether to maintain a career that was parallel to military duty, or begin the process of a new line of work.

Upon military retirement, there are various paths that are open to you:

Depart the military and apply for jobs in the civil service, Contractor employment with the Federal Sector, state, local or municipal government office, or private sector openings.

Return to Civilian Life and apply for a job that will bring you back to the military ecosystem, such as with veteran service organizations such as USO, Red Cross, etc.

Become a civilian and apply for jobs at military bases that hire non-appropriated fund employees.

Become a consultant based on your previous military experience and career.

Return to life in uniform as a member of the Reserve or National Guard.

Get a certificate to teach the skills you have used in your military career, especially if you have been involved in law enforcement, public affairs, cybersecurity, networking operations and many other career areas.

Retire or separate from the military and immediately return to school to start training for a new career, using your military education allowances for public subsidized colleges, private university, commercial school or technical school, training camps, etc.