Entrepreneurship training by using GI Bill Benefits

Entrepreneurship training

Want to start a business? We offer entrepreneurship training through the Small Business Administration.

Can I get entrepreneurship training to start my own business?

Can I get entrepreneurship training to start my own business?

You can get this training if you qualify for any of these programs:

Note: Dependents can’t get this training under the Survivors’ and Dependents’ Educational Assistance (DEA) program.

How do I get this training?

Contact your local VA Small Business Liaison

Go to a conference or event to talk directly to VA Small Business Liaisons and entrepreneurs.
Find a conference or event

How to use your GI Bill benefits

Find out how to use your GI Bill benefits to advance your education and training. Learn how to use your benefits to earn a degree, train for a specific trade, or work toward other career goals

Work toward a degree

  • Undergraduate and graduate degrees. Help paying for tuition, books, and housing at an institution of higher learning.
  • Foreign programs. Funding for tuition and housing at a school located outside the U.S.
  • Tuition Assistance Top-Up. Additional funds to help pay for school if your tuition costs more than what’s covered by the active-duty Tuition Assistance Program.
  • Tutorial Assistance. Help paying for a tutor if you’re struggling with coursework.

Train for a specific career, trade, or industry

  • Get paid back for test fees
  • accelerated payments for high-technology programs
  • Non-college degree programs
  • VET TEC program
  • Flight Training
  • On-the-Job training and apprenticeships
  • Entrepreneurship Training

Work while you study

  • Co-op training
  • Work study