Online Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice


The objective of the criminal justice degree program is to provide students with the skills needed to enter the workforce and advance as professionals in various areas of the criminal justice field. Required coursework builds a foundation of knowledge in advanced criminal justice theory and crime, the practice of law enforcement and the U.S. judicial system, which includes adult and juvenile corrections. 

Concentrations are available in homeland security and computer forensic investigation. 


This is an overview course of the scientific study of criminal behavior. You’ll explore different types of crimes, the potential causes of those crimes, and methods for minimizing criminal behavior in the future. In addition to criminal justice fundamentals, the criminology course discusses how criminal behavior affects greater society and how laws evolve based on criminal activity. 

A career as a criminologist involves evaluating criminal behavior, determining patterns and trends related to social behavior, being part of the investigative interview process and analyzing crime scenes to help gather evidence. 

Criminal Justice Ethics
This course provides an overview of the ethics of law enforcement. It’s important that police officers, judges and others within the criminal justice system follow procedures and eliminate any biases that may develop. The course also examines how judges rule in court based on precedents and other circumstances. When there is little corruption within the judicial system, the community is more likely to respect the law. 

Juvenile Justice
Take a look into the justice system that handles crimes committed by minors under the age of 18. In most cases, children are treated differently than adults in court and given different punishments or opportunities for rehabilitation. This course explores the evolution of state and federal juvenile justice systems and how they are designed to help young people lead law-abiding lives. 


A criminal justice education from a top online college provides students with the critical thinking and communication skills they’ll need to secure a job or move into a leadership role. Graduates will be able to efficiently work in team settings and thrive in high-pressure situations, which are common in criminal justice careers. 

Most criminal justice faculties are still active in a criminal justice position or have recently retired from one. Because faculty members carry a wealth of criminal justice experience, students are given a real-world perspective into the field. 

Criminal justice students can customize their degree to their specific interests by choosing from several available elective courses. Obtaining a bachelor’s degree is typically a minimum requirement when pursuing high-level criminal justice positions. 

Pursue a criminal justice degree online and pursue a career in detection, apprehension, detention and other police-related career opportunities. 


Potential career paths and positions include: 

  • Corporate Security Manager 
  • Director Security Management 
  • Security Director 
  • Regional Loss Prevention Manager 
  • Senior Manager Asset Protection 
  • Market Asset Protection Manager 
  • Loss Prevention Manager 
  • Front-Line Supervisor (Police and Detectives) 

Employers can include: 

  • Security firms 
  • Insurance companies 
  • Local, state and federal law enforcement agencies 

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