Choosing a College that is right for you

As an eligible Servicemember, Veteran, dependent, Guard member or Reservist planning to use the GI Bill, you are a consumer about to make one of the most important decisions of your life. Where you begin your post-secondary education is critical. Making informed decisions about how to make the most of your benefits and how a school can best meet your needs means doing a little homework before classes start. This guide presents eight important factors you should consider towards becoming an informed consumer first and a GI Bill user second.

Can I Really Do This?
Going back to school after the military can be a challenge. Break down some of your nagging questions about the future with some answers!
• While many students may be younger than you, there are bound to be other Veterans or already in the workforce returning to school. Younger definitely doesn’t make you smarter and you have a wealth of life experience to draw on to get you through. You’ll find it will serve you well in class. It’s likely you have many things competing for your attention – work, family, home, health, and financial issues. A few suggestions help you through: Pace yourself. It’s ok to start off with a course or two to get the feel of being in school. Feeling overwhelmed will make it tougher to focus, so ease into it if you can. You can pick up the pace later. If your school has a Veterans Center (you can check that here), take advantage of those resources. Centers vary, but they can offer a dedicated place to study, assistance with benefits, and the support network you may be missing from your time on active duty. If your school doesn’t have one, you can help start one. Student Veterans of America has chapters nationwide and can help out. Find a suitable place to study. If noise or other people distract you, choose the library over a coffee shop or home as a study spot

• Find or start a study group…maybe with other Veterans…to help you stay focused and motivated.

• Take breaks. At least once per hour stand up, move around, get something to drink or get a few minutes of fresh air

• If you have a health issue that may be affecting your learning, colleges and universities may have accommodations to help you learn. If the issue is service related, take advantage of the VA’s Vet Centers and Vocational Rehabilitation services. They are there to help!

Keep in mind skills that made you a good Servicemember will make you a good student. Being able to stick to a schedule, listening, problem-solving, maintaining discipline, being responsible and keeping commitments gives you a leg up on the fresh from high school bunch. It’s likely you have more responsibility than they do, but you have experience on your side, so feel free to wield it!

Abilene Christian UniversityTXMilitary Friendly
Abraham Lincoln UniversityCAMilitary Friendly
Academy of Art UniversityCAMilitary Friendly
Adelphi UniversityNYMilitary Friendly
Adler Graduate SchoolMNMilitary Friendly
Aiken Technical CollegeSCMilitary Friendly
Alexandria Technical & Community CollegeMNMilitary Friendly
Alma CollegeMIMilitary Friendly
Alvernia UniversityPAMilitary Friendly
American International CollegeMAMilitary Friendly
Amherst CollegeMAMilitary Friendly
AOMA Graduate School of Integrative MedicineTXMilitary Friendly
Aquinas CollegeMIMilitary Friendly
Arcadia UniversityPAMilitary Friendly
Arizona State University at Skysong/OnlineAZMilitary Friendly
Arkansas Tech UniversityARMilitary Friendly
Asnuntuck Community CollegeCTMilitary Friendly
Assumption CollegeMAMilitary Friendly
At-Home ProfessionsMilitary Friendly
Athens State UniversityALMilitary Friendly
Athens Technical CollegeGAMilitary Friendly
Atlanta Technical CollegeGAMilitary Friendly
Augsburg UniversityMNMilitary Friendly
Augustana UniversitySDMilitary Friendly
Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary ArtsCOMilitary Friendly
Ave Maria School Of LawFLMilitary Friendly
Baker UniversityKSMilitary Friendly
Ball State OnlineINMilitary Friendly
Ball State UniversityINMilitary Friendly
Barry UniversityFLMilitary Friendly
Barton CollegeNCMilitary Friendly
Belhaven UniversityMSMilitary Friendly
Bellevue CollegeWAMilitary Friendly
Belmont CollegeOHMilitary Friendly
Belmont UniversityTNMilitary Friendly
Benedictine CollegeKSMilitary Friendly
Benedictine UniversityILMilitary Friendly
Berklee College of MusicMAMilitary Friendly
Bethel UniversityMNMilitary Friendly
Blue Ridge Community CollegeNCMilitary Friendly
Bowie State UniversityMDMilitary Friendly
Brenau UniversityGAMilitary Friendly
Brooklyn Law SchoolNYMilitary Friendly
Bryant & Stratton CollegeNYMilitary Friendly
Buena Vista UniversityIAMilitary Friendly
Cabrini UniversityPAMilitary Friendly
California Baptist UniversityCAMilitary Friendly
California Polytechnic State University-San Luis ObispoCAMilitary Friendly
California Southern UniversityMilitary Friendly
California State Polytechnic University, PomonaCAMilitary Friendly
California State University, ChicoCAMilitary Friendly
California State University, Long BeachCAMilitary Friendly
California State University, NorthridgeCAMilitary Friendly
Calvary UniversityMOMilitary Friendly
Cambridge CollegeMAMilitary Friendly
Campbell UniversityNCMilitary Friendly
Canisius CollegeNYMilitary Friendly
Cape Fear Community CollegeNCMilitary Friendly
Carlow UniversityPAMilitary Friendly
Carteret Community CollegeNCMilitary Friendly
Cayuga Community CollegeNYMilitary Friendly
Cedar Valley CollegeTXMilitary Friendly
Central Baptist CollegeARMilitary Friendly
Central Maine Community CollegeMEMilitary Friendly
Central New Mexico Community CollegeNMMilitary Friendly
Central Penn CollegePAMilitary Friendly
Central Virginia Community CollegeVAMilitary Friendly
Charleston Southern UniversitySCMilitary Friendly
Chatham UniversityPAMilitary Friendly
Chestnut Hill CollegePAMilitary Friendly
Chippewa Valley Technical CollegeWIMilitary Friendly
City Colleges of Chicago-Malcolm X CollegeILMilitary Friendly
City University of SeattleWAMilitary Friendly
Clarke UniversityIAMilitary Friendly
Cleary UniversityMIMilitary Friendly
Cloud County Community CollegeKSMilitary Friendly
Clovis Community CollegeNMMilitary Friendly
Coastal Pines Technical CollegeGAMilitary Friendly
College for Creative Studies (CCS)MIMilitary Friendly
College of CharlestonSCMilitary Friendly
College of the MainlandTXMilitary Friendly
Concordia University St PaulMNMilitary Friendly
Concordia University WisconsinWIMilitary Friendly
Cornerstone UniversiyMIMilitary Friendly
Cowley CollegeKSMilitary Friendly
Craven Community CollegeNCMilitary Friendly
Creighton UniversityNEMilitary Friendly
CUNY Kingsborough Community CollegeNYMilitary Friendly
CUNY Queensborough Community CollegeNYMilitary Friendly
Daemen CollegeNYMilitary Friendly
Dakota State UniversitySDMilitary Friendly
Dakota Wesleyan UniversitySDMilitary Friendly
Dallas Baptist UniversityTXMilitary Friendly
Davis CollegeOHMilitary Friendly
Defiance CollegeOHMilitary Friendly
Delaware County Community CollegePAMilitary Friendly
Delaware Technical Community CollegeDEMilitary Friendly
Delaware Valley UniversityPAMilitary Friendly
DeSales UniversityPAMilitary Friendly
Design Institute of San DiegoCAMilitary Friendly
Divers Institute of TechnologyWAMilitary Friendly
Doane UniversityNEMilitary Friendly
Dominican CollegeNYMilitary Friendly
Drake UniversityIAMilitary Friendly
Eastern Connecticut State UniversityCTMilitary Friendly
Eastern Illinois UniversityILMilitary Friendly
Elon UniversityNCMilitary Friendly
Faulkner UniversityALMilitary Friendly
Felician UniversityNJMilitary Friendly
Finger Lakes Community CollegeNYMilitary Friendly
Fisher CollegeMAMilitary Friendly
Fitchburg State UniversityMAMilitary Friendly
Flagler CollegeFLMilitary Friendly
Flathead Valley Community CollegeMTMilitary Friendly
Florida Institute of TechnologyFLMilitary Friendly